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and Other Children's Stories
by Heather Flood
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Giant Sticker Monster and Other Children's Stories - Heather Flood
Giant Sticker Monster and Other Children's Stories is an enchanting collection of short tales, which has been hailed by reviewers as a new combination of Julia Donaldson and Enid Blyton – and PERFECT for stirring a young child's imagination

All the stories are set in the winter, and there is a delightful Christmas tale about a Snowman, who is brought to life when some magic dust falls on him from Santa's sleigh.

Giant Sticker Monster is the lead story in this lovely collection of fantasy adventures by Heather Flood, published as both a paperback and an e-version by My Voice Publishing.

The Giant Sticker Monster goes around sticking his home-made stickers on everyone and everything, including children and a dog. He even visits a Zoo and annoys a great big bear.

Without doubt he is the most annoying creature in the whole world. So what does the Giant Sticker Monster decide to do when Father Christmas appears on the scene - help or hinder?

There is also Pixie, a naughty Kitten, who has fun chasing birds around the garden. A dear little robin is her main target. Find out what happens when the tables are turned on her one day in the woods. Will the little robin decide to help her?

Another great story concerns the Happy Snowman that comes to life by accident, after magic dust sprinkles on him from Father Christmas's sleigh as he travels around delivering presents.

Find out what adventures the Happy Snowman experiences and how he makes lots of new friends.

Maurice, the mischievous little Donkey, gets lost when playing with his friend Freddie, a cute little blue bird, and nearly ends up disturbing a bees' nest.

Will he be able to explain his adventure to his mother and avoid her anger, or will he learn his lesson? And will he become a good little donkey?

The Puppies' First Christmas is a heart-warming story about three puppies and their mother who are homeless and lost in the snow. Can Father Christmas and his elves save them, and will they at last find a nice home?

Amber, the Christmas Tree Fairy, spends every year sitting on top of the tree watching all the excitement as the children open their presents, but then she is put away in a box until the next year.

Will this year be different or will she once again be put back into her box and spend a whole year upstairs in the loft? Can little Mya save her?

The Lonely King is a story about a greedy king who lives in a castle made of gold and only thinks about collecting more gold.

Prince Carl, a charming young man from another kingdom, comes across the king and tries to teach him that there are more important things than riches. Carl shows him the joys of the forest, collecting nuts and berries and watching the animals.

Will Prince Carl be able to change things for the king and help him make friends and have a happier life? Or will he go back to his old ways again, collecting and counting his gold?

Red Boots features two excited young children waiting for Father Christmas to come and deliver their presents.

When their parents are asleep the children hear a noise and, looking out of their bedroom window, they see a familiar figure in their garden. But why is Santa looking so grumpy? Will they be able to help him?

Most of the tales have a moral. For example, the Lonely King has paid the price for being too greedy because he has been left on his own. Now he has the choice of taking the advice of the helpful Prince Carl and being kind to people – or simply carry on collecting taxes so that he can hoard gold.

Pixie, the Little Kitten, learns that it is better to have a friend than an enemy and Maurice, the Mischievous little donkey, decides that maybe it is good to listen to his mother.

Heather Flood also comes up with some other magical characters. Her stories are utterly spell-binding!

The text is imaginative and encourages young children to explore the stories for themselves.

These lovable tales are perfect for bedtime or daytime for children aged four to nine.


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